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the power of a label is wizardly ✨

The power of a label is all in the name!

I know many people say to not judge a book by its cover, but what about a product? I normally judge a product by it's label, price, and reviews on it. Grab a potential consumer's eye with a authentic and unique graphic that shows who you are as a brand.

I am currently in the market for some new stickers for my band, Kendra & the Bunnies, and as I was researching for potential merchandise distributors, I came across this website for the company, Wizard Labels.

They specialize in a variety of different adhesive labels, stickers, and designs. Pictured above are a few samples I requested in the mail. What really impressed me is the color profile and vibrance of each printed style. If you look at the sticker for the Coconut Probiotic Chewable Tablets in the top right of the picture featured above, you will notice how shiny and reflective the silver tones are, while still maintaining a smooth matte type finish. Simply beautiful, as it catches light from the sun and my house lights.

Additionally, there are a variety of types of paper to choose from when creating your label as well. For example, the Middle Earth Oak Cask Ale has a more thick and threaded texture to its profile, along with a vintage, handmade feel.

On top of being a full time musician/recording artist, I am also an influencer on social media, where I share about new cosmetics, clothes, and my favorite products. I mention this because soon enough, I'd like to launch a few of my own skincare items. Right now, I have merchandise for my band (like t-shirts, posters, and albums), but I'd also like to add an eye-cream, fragrance, and set of candles to my offerings. While I have been starting to brainstorm this idea, I have been looking on the internet for a cost-efficient and simple way to acquire labels.

I may have to make a chapstick too! Look how awesome the Wizard Wax design is, pictured on the right. I really like how the safety seal for the chapstick is included directly on the sticker. That makes it easy when applying the sticker onto the packaging to, because it lines up.

There are also clear decal style stickers available.

They ship out samples to check out before you buy too.

What are you thinking of creating?


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