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acting & coaching

Kendra has been studying professional acting, theatre, and singing since the spry age of 4. She is classically trained for the stage in Shakespeare, Stanislavski, Meisner, Uta Hagen, Musical Theatre, and improvisational acting techniques. Kendra graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Theatre Arts (Acting) in 2015. She is very experienced in film-acting as well, using the emotional recall method. Today, she recites her original written poetry as monologue alongside her singing/songwriting and healing endeavors.

Kendra is represented by Top Priority Group Management. SAG-Aftra Eligible. View Kendra Muecke’s IMDB page here.


Writing 101 -

With a background in literary creativity, publishing, and book launches, Kendra can guide you through these experiences and teach you how to navigate the world of writing yourself. Check it out at


Immersive Workshops

Kendra’s healing workshops are based in shared performance exercises. The healing workshop, “The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment”, has been hosted at Sonic Bloom Music Festival held annually in Colorado and Spring Frequency Festival held in California. “Based in the movement of spirit across dimensions of self, The Politics of You: Acting in Dimensional Alignment is founded in improvisational acting, free-flow writing, and spiritual synchronization; focused in unveiling, connecting, and freeing the many levels of You within Yourself, this workshop brings participants together to act as one through spontaneous scenes and stream of consciousness collective creation, leading us to a better understanding of our own characteristics that shape societal roles and values on and off the ‘stage of life’.”

Kendra offers workshops on songwriting, recording, performance, writing,

spiritual healing. and leadership.

Healing Work


Channeling her experience in performance, Kendra uses methods of music, spoken word, and ritual to align those she meets on the healing path.

Kendra is an initiated psychic intuitive shamanic healer via the OmSchool

and other extended personal journeying.

In addition to her onstage healing through music, poetry, and song, Kendra offers personalized teachings on this path through personal coaching, ritual induction, house clearings, auric clearings, and intuitive performance healings.

Contact for Information.

We Are One Benefit Event

KENDRA & THE BUNNIES, along with the founding members: Babyllon, Leah Tash, DJ Pyramid, 34K, Ariel Monique, and New Moon Acoustic Blues created the We Are One Benefit. The non-profit organization was created insupport of the current global and national social events. The first We Are One Benefit Event was held virtually in June 2020 to raise money and awareness for the NAACP and ACLU. Kendra & the Bunnies continues to host these events, with the second episode airing in December 2020 to bring attention to the Save our Stages Act and #WeMakeEvents Campaign for stage crew and performers.

Pop Star Kendra & the Bunnies | Kendra Muecke | Official Site for Grammy Member, Recording Artist | Pop Rock R&B Country Songwriter | Los Angeles Actress Female Actor

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