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how I make my hair shiny and strong with Parformer hair oil serum

With long hair, I have learned to take care of my locks from root to ends. Whether you have a short bob, medium, or Rapunzel style length, keeping one's hair healthy is really important when it comes to maintaining hair growth and hair strength.

Over the years, I've learned how to care for my hair through trying a variety of products. Today, I am telling you about my experience with Parformer's Lightweight Silicone Free Natural Hair Oil Serum. What I like about this product is the ingredients support hair repair, softness, strength, and shine.

It delivers nourishment and moisture through its silicone free formula of sugar cane, olive, and castor bean. It is 100% plant derived and infused with hydrating squalene.

I like to use this product right after I get out of the shower on my damp hair. I put it on before styling or blowdrying my hair. First thing I noticed is that the product is not greasy. It creates an instant shine. It is fragrance free.

Notice how seamlessly the hair serum is applied. It absorbs into the hair quickly and has a lightweight feel. It helps my hair shine and keeps it frizz free throughout the day.

I notice the radiance in my hair right away. Their website mentions that Parformer's Lightweight Silicone Free Natural Hair Oil Serum is omega-rich with chia seed oil that protects and strengthens the hair barrier against breakage and environmental damage.

The hair serum is also perfect to use on air dried hair styles. I actually love letting my hair air dry too.

I have hair that needs some extra TLC. Check out my results to Parformer's Hair Quiz.

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