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Perfecting Texas Hold’em Skills At Home

Even without in-person classes and matches, you can still develop formidable skills in any undertaking of your choosing. This is possible through the abundance of online platforms and apps.

We previously noted how effective this is, especially if you like playing card games. Because so many resources are accessible with just an internet connection, you can perfect your card game skills rom the comfort of your home. We highlighted as one such site that lets users play with as many hands and card formats as possible — like blackjack, gin rummy, and eight hearts.

If Texas Hold’em is your niche, there are sites that specialize in training you in what is poker's most popular variant. We’ve rounded up the best sites to help you take your pick.


For novices, GGPoker is a great site for building a solid foundation for playing Texas Hold'em. You can easily access the materials on basic and advanced techniques through GGPoker’s companion mobile app, which is considered one of the best poker apps out there today. GGPoker’s in-app Poker School — designed for players of all levels — features some of the best professional poker players. You can learn Texas Hold’em strategies from them or even take cues from their winning playing styles.


If you prefer learning from various types of materials, then 888poker has you covered.

They have a main ‘How to Play' section that equips players with crucial information

on the most important terms for Texas Hold’em — such as ace in the hole, backdoor,

and ducks — that any player should know. On top of getting basic Texas Hold’em

lessons, users can also access the 888poker eMagazine to get interesting poker

insights from long-time player Ashley Adams.


Another app, partypoker, takes a multifaceted approach to learning Texas Hold’em. "What are the best bankroll management skills that can help me play Texas Hold’em for longer?" and "how can I prepare for Texas Hold’em cash games?" These are just a couple of questions that partypoker covers in their learning content. The extensive range of material on partypoker can also teach you how to strategically choose your games, record more wins, and minimize losses.

Splitsuit Poker

If you already have the basics of Texas Hold’em down and want to start participating in cash games, check out Splitsuit Poker. This website was curated by one of the most prolific poker coaches, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney. Though they have tons of free materials on cash game preparation, you can also avail of paid courses to boost your cash game win rate by learning how to play and determine your opponents’ hand range. These courses are the One Percent course ($199 - $399) and The Step-By-Step Hand Reading System ($497). Though they are on the hefty side, they can equip you with various advanced skills — and even have you bluffing as well as Chris Moneymaker with his "Bluff of the Century".

Raise Your Edge

Bencb789 fans would be elated to find that their favorite high-stakes tournament player has a course for multi-table tournament training (MTT), for which the Texas Hold’em format is commonly used. You will mainly learn from Bencb’s intensive analyses of the experts so you can integrate it into your play. As these are advanced, Raise Your Edge is more suitable for proficient players who are gearing up for tournaments. As much as Texas Hold’em is fun, it can be quite competitive. By tapping into these resources, you can extensively work on your skills and become a standout Hold’em player.

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