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Perfecting my Blackjack Skills at Home (Along with other games...)

Living in Los Angeles and being someone who loves to risk it all for a reward, I really enjoy hopping in my car and heading to Las Vegas. It's about a 5-6 hour drive from where I live, and the scenic road trip is something I always look forward to. Along the streets of famous Las Vegas, there is casino after casino after casino. Some of the games can be forgiving with an entry fee of $5 minimum bets, but many of the games are more high stakes than that.

With a minimum bet of $25 at many of my favorite destinations on the strip, I learned quickly that I would need to practice my gaming skills before heading out to the city of sin! That's where I found a passion for playing Blackjack, Mahjong, Gin Rummy, and more from the comfort of my home... all from my computer! I wanted to find a free site where I can practice as many hands as I need without putting a dent in my pocket. It's all fun without the risk and worries. I tried a few different types of sites until I found my favorite one,

On the site, there is a vast variety of card games to choose from like: solitaire (spider, classic, klondike, & more), blackjack, mahjong, crazy eights, hearts, and more... AND there is other types of games too! I love playing the Hidden Object game with my family, because it's a super easy & inclusive ispy challenge that gets us all involved.

Many types of Solitaire included!

and all sorts of card games!

Fans of matching games like candy crush will love the themed match games and logic puzzles. Challenge your mind, while you have a little fun. It's a perfect way to pass the time between meetings & sharpen up our quick-thinking skills. Can you detect the pattern?

My favorite features on are the blackjack games and minesweeper! I grew up playing minesweeper, so to have a place to play it online now means so much to me! Whether you are nostalgic or practicing for your next trip to the casino. You are bound to find an activity you like on this gaming site. They're also adding new types of games all the time and updating their categories and types of word puzzles. Are you ready to start winning?


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