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Celebrating in Hemsin Atelier's Pride Necklace

Interlocking moments create our destiny and like this necklace by Hemsin Atelier, we should be proud of everything that makes up who we are. Adorned with the colors of the rainbow, this piece of jewelry speaks for itself.

Handmade with craft and elegance, the Pride Necklace by Hemsin Atelier is an artisanal treasure. I find it so interesting how each ringlet of the design is interlocked with one another. It reminds me of the saying, "We are stronger together." Each ringlet is embellished with tiny beads sewn all along the exterior. The necklace was sewn together, fused together, link by link.

I love how this brightens up my outfit. In both of these photos, I am wearing a pastel top, I love that this necklace gives the perfect pop of color, so I can go bold on my accessories, and wear a more relaxed top. Echoing my sweater here on the left, "You are enough", and when I celebrate pride, it reminds me of that.

Of course, wearing rainbow is a year long thing. I like to do it a lot actually. I mean my favorite color IS rainbow. Meaning, every color is my favorite.

This item was a gift to me, and I think it makes the perfect gift for the person in your life who makes your smile! :)

Check out their Instagram.

Necklace details

Material: bead

Necklace total length: ~16 inches (without extension length)

It also comes as a bracelet!

Check out some more favorites of mine from their site! Hemsin Atelier specializes in handmade artisan jewelry and accessories with a focus on crochet and beads.

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