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under eye gels that stay on for 8 hours!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I love these VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks!

The Oxygen Undereye Masks by VIIcode are a favorite of mine. Unlike other under-eye gels, these actually stick in place for up to 8 hours. There is no sliding down of the patches onto the cheeks, and there is no drying up of the gel during use. These Oxygen Eye Masks genuinely last hours and hours. I like to wear mine on days when I am at home and can keep these on for a long amount of time. Otherwise, I like to wear these to sleep.

available on amazon.

and in my storefront.

Read more about VIIcode on their blog here.

directly at their website and view all their products here.

The consistency of the eye gels is thick, and like I mentioned, they have an adhesive quality to them. They are in no way uncomfortable or 'sticky'. The thick hydrating gel that composes the under-eye patches is a delightful and refreshing cool to the touch and squishy material.

More than anti-aging, also helps with dark circles, hydrates, and nourishes under eyes.

Formulated with: caffeine, tea polyphenols, retinol, and primrose.

Tend to puffy eyes and supports anti-aging.

Natural Ingredients, Non Comedogenic, Alcohol-Free, Cruelty-free. Safe for All Skin Types.

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