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the handwritten aesthetic, do it with gratitude

"Written from the heart is something I think about when I am writing thank you notes."

Writing notes for the people in our lives is a special type of gift that adds nuance to our celebrations. Much like the feeling of reading a book, I feel like receiving a ✨real✨ letter is a something personal and memorable. Some of my favorite types of thank you notes are the ones that are most authentic, even if it's by text message.

Here are my favorite ways to say thank you:

Send them flowers

"Some of the most cherished written notes I've received have been written by florists instead of me." (lyrics by yours truly).

A few times, I have had friends send me flowers and other gifts similar. It's always the handwritten note that gets me. Like when in high school, a friend sent me a get well fruit bouquet along with a silly note that made me laugh and definitely feel better. I've also had friends send me flowers on the dates of my new albums and music video releases. That is always a thrill. However, once or twice, I have gotten gifts sent... with no note attached, and it's still a mystery to this day of who sent the flowers.

Send a letter in the mail

Supporting the USPS is always in style. Bonus points if you spray perfume on your letters!

Imagine the charm of a handwritten letter, yet in a sharable online format. There's depth to seeing something written in a realistic looking format. Thank you cards carry a certain charm that I think leaves a lasting impression. To add to the *dare I say vintage* feel of it all, write a full note. Tell your friend or business contact why you appreciate them and highlight something unique to your relationship. Thank you cards are a notable way to say what words can't.

Send a text or email with a relatable photo or post on social media

This is the 21st century me enjoying and appreciating the internet and social media. I find it really empowering for us all to post about our day to day lives. Like pictures of people ordering really good looking pasta and cake at restaurants gives me life, and frankly, makes me want to call my friends. Have fun online, it's memories we can all share in. Of course, ask others before posting their pics on the internet.

Donate to something

As my thank you for visiting new towns, I try to donate to some causes that inspires me during that time period of life and in that local area.

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