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secure the bag, all the time $$$

Sometimes it can seem like it is hard to manage one's finances during uncertain times. With prices inflating everywhere we look, it's important to keep our wits about us and economically prepare for the future.

It starts with our mindset. Who do we envision ourselves to be? What do we see as beneficial in our personality and circumstances? What do we see to be the places where we could improve?

When we see ourselves as the achiever of our money goals, it helps bring that into realization. So let's utilize me as an example~

Who do we envision ourselves to be?

I envision myself as someone who has several houses across the country in various music cities. I spend a lot of my time songwriting, traveling to perform, and shining a light on good causes throughout the world. Money flows to me abundantly, and my art projects are spectacular! [My mantra for this feeling].

What do we see as beneficial in our personality and circumstances?

I am so passionate. It's a dream how much I care about what I do... It makes waking up everyday and working for myself exciting. It's all towards the vision and creation of my art and music. So I like what I do! My circumstances are good, because I am consistent and reliable to myself.

What do we see to be the places to focus improving?

I continue to focus on improving my presence in the here and now. When I focus on myself and actions, I am more precise in my results. 'How' is not my worry, focus on why! [My mantra for this].

Do you know what your goals are with your business? Have you started your business yet? People believe in themselves everyday and start life changing careers in the field they love everyday! That someone could be you.

Having the people around us support what we do is important too. It helps give us the support system we need to push through to the other side of breakthroughs. Whether it is financial support or emotional understanding, hang out with people who have similar ways of thinking and a motivational way of being. Next thing you know, it's you living your best life!

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