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Learn the fun way, oh, and the easy way!

In the subject of Math, I always found myself wanting to understand the equations in real life circumstances. It would help me make sense in my mind why a certain mathematical problem was important to be learned, and it helped me conceptualize the presence of math in so many things that humans do! It's spectacular! All the things that involve math.

When I gamify my learning, it helps me keep cramming knowledge before I realize that it's technically studying. Sometimes, I will watch educational material for hours, similar to how I like to play math arcade games and sudoko. To work on my math today, I started on ~ I like that their interface is bright and inviting!

There are also so many types of games to choose from. I like Math Duck, as it is about skill and solving equations. It's also cute to watch a duck jump around the screen. Following that, I really like the game Maths Test. It is a quick thinking game where the player chooses between one or the other answer while trying to beat the clock. It's good for practicing in high pressure situations. Maths Test actually reminds me of the speed quizzes we used to take in fifth grade. Such an adrenaline rush!

These flash games are in-browser, free, and easy to access! You can play from your computer, phone, or tablet! I love how big the buttons are when I play on my tablet!

If you scroll down a bit on their games page, a few more challenging puzzles come up. I found the game Guess The Number to be meditative. It starts with a number between 1 and 1000. My job is to find that one particular number in as little amount of turns as possible. It's a game of intuition and approximations. Check out their site, and let me know which ones stick out to you.


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