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full speed ahead, my thoughts on electric cars

A quick google search of "how much does a person spend on gasoline per year?" brings up the result of $5,000. This time last year, that same question could be answered "$2,800" and as recently as March 2022, as "$3,800" a year. What changed?

With tensions around the world affecting the price of fossil fuel, people and our market place are starting to take notice. You don't need me to tell you that as of July 13, 2022, gas prices are high. In Los Angeles, the current price for a gallon averages at $6.027.

On the same token, many are thinking of moving in the direction of electric cars. For the first time today, I looked up what an electric car I'd like would cost and some of the details I would need to know, if and when I am ready to make the switch.

One thing that makes it helpful to wrap my mind around something I want that is an investment is a system that helps me organize my potential budget. That's how I came across this car payment calculator and a bunch of other helpful tools.

The calculator on their site works with any scenario ~ new, used, trade-in, no-trade-in, etc.

A few other calculators I found useful on their site are: calculating my MPG and calculating my fuel budget.

A lot is possible with planning and believing in yourself. Sometimes I think escaping the traffic in LA is possible with a good soundtrack and a few planned out cut-throughs. If you know your way around, you can make it anywhere in town in 1 hour, and if you know your numbers you can invest in that purchase you know you want. Drive in style :)


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