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Creating a Budget & STICKING TO IT.

Creating a budget and STICKING to it can be a very difficult thing for entrepreneurs, new families, single people living in a big city, college students, and everyone in-between. I find it is always important to plan big, and then go bigger. Don't just save up for your child's college, save up for 4 years + summer school, a new car for graduation, and a new set of books. You can even go the extra mile and set up an IRA fund that gains indexed profit each quarter. The possibilities are endless when you think about your finances in a level-headed, confident, and cautious way.

Number 1. Do you have any capital to work with?

I often ask people this when they come to me asking how to begin making music or how to market a product on social media. How much wiggle room do you have with the money that you already have? What can you invest to make more of what you want? In music creation, this looks like investing in a good producer and studio time to get your desired result, followed by a targeted social media and press campaign. In budgeting, this means starting with expenses you can cover. Can you invest in buying a property, does a mortgage make sense for the location you live in, do you want to be working to pay off a property or do you have to keep renting? In popular housing markets like Los Angeles or New York, it can almost make more sense to buy when rent is just as much as a monthly house payment. Can you switch to a closer gym to save an hour of time each time you go to workout, even it's $10 more a month? Plan your budget with this. Plan your schedule with this.

Number 2. What necessities do you need?

Food, shelter, education, clothing, gas, car, medicine, cosmetics. There are necessities that we all need to function at the level of life that we enjoy. This can be different for everyone. Often times, this is where a credit card can come in. Having a line of credit open is a good way to prepare for monthly, yearly, or unexpected expenses. However, it is also important to keep spending in check. It is always a wise idea to avoid maxing out your credit cards and, consequently, having to pay interest fees. Learn more about debt consolidation here...

Number 3. What do you want to aim for?

My viewpoint on life is that it's for living. For me that means traveling, eating well, sleeping well, and going to cool events. This means also budgeting time for hard work and progress. Achievements are the golden tickets we get along the way for just being us, doing what we do. That being said, I am speaking from the mind of a hustler. I am constantly on my grind as a young artist. For inquiries on sponsored articles contact me at

Work towards paying your bills on time, with the reassurance that more money is always on its way to you. The universe's intention is to provide to you that which you think about. Clear your aura and mind. Here are my go-to candles.

learn more about meeting your financial goals here.

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