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3 of My Resolutions for 2023 && How I am Achieving Them!

With the start of 2023 comes a lot of responsibility for those who want to achieve more than they have before. 2022 was an amazing year for me! I won an award in Nashville, TN for Artist of the Year (Pop Music, Josie Music Awards), I met my boyfriend (Garrett), and I started making more money than I ever have before! All of my accomplishments are so fulfilling to my inner self.

At the age of 4 years, I decided I wanted to be a performer living in Los Angeles, CA. I believe the exact words were, "Mama! I want to be a movie star!" To be hitting these goals now is everything I've ever dreamed of and more!

In 2023, I plan to keep exceeding my goals and shoot for the moon! One of the simplest ways to keep track of my resolutions is to keep an itemized list of my food intake, my income/profits, and my credit card payments. Here is how I am doing it!

  1. I'd like to shed 11 pounds in a heathy way that supports my mind, body, and spirit.

  2. I'd like to keep track of all the income I make through my self-employment

  3. I'd like to pay off my credit card by the end of 2023

There is more to losing weight than restrictive eating and working out. For me, it is about maintaining a proper positive mindset paired with an active lifestyle and healthy intuitive eating. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to structure a day to day diet that works for your particular body and cravings. I don't want to restrict anything, as eating what I want makes me happy. Instead of binging on a full pint of ice-cream, I have learned to enjoy one (full) scoop of my favorite ice-cream/frozen yogurt with a handful of berries or half a banana. Sometimes, I top my desert with peanut butter to add a bit more protein. It helps keep me fuller for longer. My body functions best (when I am trying to lose weight) with under 46 carbs a day and under 1600 calories a day. I figured out these numerical values for myself with the Losing Weight Calculator.


*Disclaimer, speak to a licensed dietitian/your doctor before changing your day to day food intake*

Keeping tabs of all the income I make through my personal business is a MUST for achieving my financial goals and beyond. It's actually really helpful to keep my mind on my money EVERYDAY. Beginning this practice in 2023, I realized I actually make a lot more money than I thought. This encourages me to spend mindfully, invest wisely, and secure the bag in big way. I am maintaining this itemized list on a simple excel sheet. At the start of 2023, I calculated my monthly income goals with a Savings Calculator. By understanding exactly how much I'd like to save per year and month, I stay hungry for business and LOTS of endless work!

Paying off my credit card is a reasonable resolution for this year, as my business is excelling more and more each day. With achievable monthly payments, I can stay on top of my credit score and prepare for my financial future. In the next 3 years, I plan to purchase a house in the Los Angeles, CA area. This requires a good credit score, a strong down payment, and plenty of monthly income. Sometimes, it's tempting to put off paying more than the 'minimum' required for each month, but with the Credit Card Payment Calculator, I realized paying more than the minimum gives me a better financial future in the long run.

I'm the one in charge of my success, and I am in control of my future.

Did you set resolutions for 2023? Comment your goals below or DM them to me on Instagram, @kenbunny.

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