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Best Artist of the Year (Multi-genre) 
Josie Music Awards 2021


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Official GRAMMY®️ 2022
Ballot Contender
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guitar, piano, ukulele

* new single, Feb. 4 

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of marigolds & lightning bugs is written from my perspective as a musician who travels often.

I have realized many times on the road that it is for a certain type of person. It's for the type who is up to risk it all to get that which they desire.


While in the studio finalizing my last tracks for this album, the news about Gabby Petito missing started being announced on the news. Therefore, this album has another special place in my heart. For this, I am donating a portion of the proceeds to NIWRC.


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Official GRAMMY®️ Ballot Contender

Album of the Year
Song of the Year (3)
Best New Artist
Best Country Duo/Group Performance
Best Rock Performance
Best Rock Song

of Summer EP~
co-written by Kendra Muecke,
Justine Blazer,Corey Lee Barker, ​

Mark Roma, and Randy Barnette
(K&tB Nashville based team

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Who Wants to Rock with Me

Passion Roulette

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"So Hollywood"the lead single
on the album "of Consideration"

nominated at the
Josie Music Awards 2021 for:

Best Song of the Year & Best Music Video of the Year


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