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for your consideration in the 
65th Annual Grammy® Awards

Artist of the Year (Multi-genre) 
Josie Music Awards 2021


guitar, piano, ukulele

Mentor 2022-2023

Class of 2022

Recording Academy
Foundations Committee

Los Angeles Chapter

Artist of the Year (Pop) 
Josie Music Awards 2022


Grammy Recording Academy
Voting Member


3 Josie Music Award nominations 2022

the new pop album 4.8.22

IMG_8372 2.jpg
003BCB79-4A47-49B4-909B-9DE038DFF8B4 2.JPEG

viral on tiktok


🎼 best artist of the year (pop) ~ ⁣

Kendra & the Bunnies ⁣

🎼 best music video of the year (female) ~ ⁣

Passion Roulette by Kendra & the Bunnies⁣

🎼 best performance of the year ⁣

in a music video (female) ~ ⁣

Kendra Muecke (lead)⁣

born to be happy always ⁣

by Kendra & the Bunnies

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 9.24.30 PM.png

tiktoks ft. KATB single 'born to be happy always'
#borntobehappychallenge reaches over 6 M + views
#kendraandthebunnies receives over 1M views

Pop singer-songwriter, Rock Lover 

Kendra _SF-105.jpg
Born to be Happy Always )-2.png

* new single, Feb. 4 

listen to born to be happy always :)

Kendra _SF-152.jpg

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for your consideration
in the 65th Annual
Grammy® Awards

20210506_8179 copy.jpg
KenBunny-3 2.jpg
Be the voice-9.png

Self Love Proclamation

"So Hollywood"the lead single
on the album "of Consideration"

Image by Nathan Dumlao

hot line bling me

IG: @kenbunny

Image by Nick Fewings
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